Monday, 14 November 2016

Our Kindergarten Assessment Program

We are privileged, at St. Clare, to have a Kindergarten Assessment Class. This class is taught by Erin Olsheskie and supported by several wonderful Educational Assistants: Vanessa Velcani, Maria Skau, Prema Gopalsamy, Sandra O'Neill, Kathy Roebuck/Verity Freeman and Jacquie Ridyard (who helps over the lunch hour).
Doing some yummy baking!
Playing outside in the Kinder Yard
This class is considered a "system class" and supports a maximum of 6 students at the JK and SK level. Once they are ready, Ms. O's students integrate (with support) into our other Kinder classes. Not only are we teaching our students in ASK but they have much to teach us too!!
At the Aviation Museum!

Aviation Museum

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